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Jewelry Making Tools From The Heart of the Southwest
Shot Plates


Item Number Size Price
SP1 & 2   $37.50
Instructions Top
SP1 - Place a silver ball in the selected cavity and hammer it flat from the top, once flattened, use a 1/32’’ nail set.  Remove by driving the nail set into the center of the ball, just deep enough to stick to the ball and remove it from the plate.  The indention will stabilize the ball while soldering.  There are eight shot cavities to choose from, for the right embellishment at the right time.  

SP2 - Use the same way as SP1, except for large flower.  Pre flatten silver ball, then proceed. 

Stars Top
Item Number Size Price
Star #1 Small-3/8, 9/16, 5/8 $88
Star #2 Large-11/16, 7/8 $88

To order on-line, go to www.monsterslayer.com or call 505-598-3164. 
You may also call Tucker direct at 970-946-4902.